The Earth Society Foundation


John McConnell has been the driving force behind the 35 consecutive Peace Bell ringing ceremonies that have taken place at UN Headquarters for over three decades, in cooperation with the United Nations. He initiated many “firsts” at the UN, including “Minute for Peace, “Earth Day on the Equinox” and the original Earth Charter. As a result of his initiatives, and commitment to “Peace, Justice, and the Care of Earth,” the world has benefited from McConnell’s ground-breaking ideas, and his work is still going on in an effort to save Planet Earth.


Frank O. Braynard, a co-founder of the Earth Society Foundation along with Captain Anthony Keasbey and 90-year old visionary John McConnell, is the creator of “Operation Sail,” New York’s famous Bicentennial Celebration and Tall Ship Parade. The South Street Seaport recognized Braynard with a lifetime achievement award. As noted in a news report dated July 31, 2005, Braynard was honored with “The Around Long Island Regatta’s 30th Anniversary” plaque, and has authored 40 books on ships.


Captain Anthony Keasbey is recognized for being the skipper aboard the boat that tracked the singing of humpback whales. Dr. Roger Payne, President of Ocean Alliance, is best known for his discovery (with Scott McVay) that humpback whales sing songs. Payne’s recording of “Songs of the Humpback Whale” in 1970, according to Ocean Alliance, “is still the best selling natural history recording in history.” Among Dr. Payne’s many awards is the UNEP “Global 500” Award.


As a strong supporter of the Earth Society Foundation, the legendary Margaret Mead stated that “Never think that a small group of concerned citizens cannot change the world.” Her enthusiasm for celebrating Earth Day resulted in 33 Noble Laureates supporting this global holiday.