Honorees by year, feted on
(Spring Equinox, March 20-21)
at the
United Nations Headquarters in New York City
1971 – 2019

The first Earth Day was held on March 21, 1970 in the City of San Francisco, the same city where the United Nations was founded. The first Peace Bell Ceremony to mark Earth Day on the Equinox at the United Nations Headquarters took place one year later on March 21, 1971. Since that historic date, the ceremony initiated by John McConnell, with the cooperation of the UN, has been celebrated for 45 consecutive years at UN Headquarters. The 46th anniversary of the first Earth Day was Saturday, March 20, 2015, with the ringing of the Peace Bell at the precise moment of the Spring Equinox.

For many of the recent years, a meeting of the Earth Society Foundation has taken place in association with the Peace Bell Ceremony, at which time environmental awards have been given to worthy individuals and organizations. The awards given in the various years are as follows:

Greenpeace International - environmental activist organization
Clean Air Technologies - developed catalytic converter that reduces diesel pollution
William Dean Kilpatrick - artist (Earth Day sculpture of hand reaching to the Earth)

Lou Gold - Siskiyou Wilderness Area (Oregon) Old Growth Forests
Gary Null - health activitist and nutrition expert [Honorary]
Paul McRae - Canadian Parliamentarian working for native peoples rights (Inuit)

Al Gore - U.S. Vice President, author of book “Earth in the Balance” (Honorary)
Trees for the Future - David Depner
Young Earth Trustees - Fred Burrous
Trickle Up Program - Glen and Mildred Leet

Rigoberto Menchu - Guatemalan Nobel Prize Laureate working on indigenous rights

Bianca Jagger - (from Nicaragua) human rights activist
Dr. Arvid Pardo from Malta - for the Intemational “Law of the Sea” (Honorary)

American Chestnut Foundation - restoring native Chestnuts in U.S.
Robin Hood Oak - micro propagation of Sherwood forest oaks in Nottingham, UK

Hunger Relief Project- Vita Mazza of CT for relief aid and supplies worldwide
Rainforest Alliance - NYC educational group working to save rainforests
Herbert Johnson - Gateway National Area near JFK airport in NYC (posthumous)
Leela Henry MacNaughten – artist, “One Heart” poster highlighting endangered species

Abolition 2000 - peace and nuclear disarmament activists
Dr. Helen Caldicott - Australian activist for nuclear safety
David Horowitz - journalist at the United Nations with over 50 years active reporting
Dr. Anitra Thorhaug - “Sea Grass Lady” marine biologist and restoration expert
Aveda Corporation - environmental corporation for personal care products
Healthy Properties - NYC group working on “green building” technologies

Island Expeditions - Bahamian sailing group teaching ecology and marine studies
Huntsville Times - newspaper in Alabama focusing on environmental issues
Father Thomas Kocherry – (from India) organized over a million fish workers and harvesters
Wyland - marine artist and educator teaching children marine ecology through art
Ocean Arks Intemational - U.S. group working on water remediation and restoration

Thor Hyerdahl - Norwegian explorer and author (honorary)
Special Eyes on the Environment - NJ disabled group photographing the environment
Alexandra de Nigris - student from Bethel, CT, an “Earth Trustee Town”
Richard Pough - American conservationist and environmentalist
Captain Paul Watson - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Startech Environmental Corp. - processing hazardous waste using plasma technology
Captain Grigory Pasko - Russian military reporter exposing nuclear dumping
Vortec Corporation - PA research and development group reducing nuclear wastes
Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation - Italian peace group

Dr. W.C. Swanson Family Foundation - UT group focusing on children’s health
Jeff Homacek - environmental film producer working to save whales in Mexico
World Festival of Sacred Music - Judy Mitoma, Festival Director
Roko and Adrian Belic - filmmakers of “Ghengis Blues”
Cheryl Magill - working on sonar issue and protecting marine life
Lorna Salzman - activist for food safety and banning genetically modified food
Fina Oil and Chemical Corporation - TX company working on marine restoration

Dr. Helena Benitez - Philippines Senator and environmentalist
Dr. Birute Galdikas - Orangutan Foundation working in Indonesian rainforests
Findhorn Foundation - Scottish educational group / Ecovillage Network
Dr. Harold Wanless - FL expert in marine geology restoring the Everglades
Dr. Jackie Giuliano - WA professor and author of series “Healing our World”

Mrs. Nane Annan - author, children’s advocate and wife of UN Secretary General
Mrs. Olof Palme - Swedish Committee for UNICEF, wife of late Prime Minister
Norwegian Nobel Committee & Nobel Foundation - 100 year anniversary of Nobel Peace Prize
Goran Ohlin - Swedish economist and UN Assist. Sec. General (posthumous award)
Dag Hammarsjkold - former UN Secretary General (posthumous award)
Solar City - Pichling, Austria
Blue Earth Alliance - Gary Braasch, photographer documenting global climate change

Christopher Swain - Columbia River activist
Tom Louie - tribal Elder, Noisy Water People
Captain Peter Marston - MA educator and environmentalist, Voyage of the Mimi
Erin Brokovich and Ed Marsten - environmental activists for clean water issues
Grandmothers Circle - CT peace group
Lydia Gumbs - Anguilla, West Indies, UN peace activist (posthumous award)
Patrick Horsbrugh - Environic Foundation
H.E. Valdas Adamkus - Lithuanian political and environmental leader

Lawrence Anthony - (from South Africa) working on saving animals at Iraq Zoo
Peter Sis - (from Czechoslovakia) artist, for book on Tree of Life, emphasis on art and culture
Bill Yotive - CyberSchool Bus, UN-based intemet program focusing on children and education
Liu Qing - (from China) Water Kids Foundation, youth education on water issues
Charles Moore - Captain of Alguita, catamaran, for alerting the public to the gyre of plastic in the North Pacific
Hideshige Takada - environmental geochemist at Tokyo University, for alerting the public to the gyre of plastic in the North Pacific

Dr. Armando Barrionuevo - Hon. Cultural Ambassador for Cusco, Peru, for promoting the Children’s Earth Charter
Marcia Brewster - Task Manager, Interagency Gender and Water Task Force (UN)
Margot Walstrom - (from Sweden) EU Environmental Commissioner
Jose Ramos Horta - Nobel Peace Prize Laureate from Timor L’Est, peace and the environment
Jan Egeland - UN Under Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, for 2004 tsunami relief efforts
Wangari Maathai - (from Kenya) Nobel Peace Prize Laureate / Green Belt movement - trees

l) Dr. James E. Hansen, internationally renowned climatologist and the Director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York City. Dr. Hansen has been studying the planet’s climate and warning of the increasing dangers posed by Global Climate Change and the need for immediate action. Melting polar caps, rising sea levels, record heat and drought, and severe hurricanes are all part of the changes we are causing.
2) Organic Valley Family of Farms - Cooperative of organic farmers producing and marketing organic milk, cheese, eggs, juice, soy beverages, produce and meats. Their philosophy and decisions are based on the health and welfare of people, animals and the earth. Accepting the award is Regina Beidler, one of the family farmers from Vermont.
3) Heather Rogers - filmmaker and journalist whose book and film “Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage" explores the modern waste and planned obsolescence of the manufacturing of consumer goods and the waste treatment methods now employed that are not sustainable. She looks at the responsibility of manufacturers and the role they play in stemming waste at its source, while urging us to reconstruct our lives around more environmentally sane and civilized values.
4) Sam I. Okeda - of the Japanese Peace Bell Garden Committee, for his efforts in establishing the new Children’s Peace Bell garden at United Nations Headquarters. The Peace Bell was first rung by children from the United Nations International School in 1966 and has been a feature of the International Earth Day celebration each March Equinox since l971, with bells joining worldwide - for peace, justice and the care of Earth.
5) Joanne Tawiilis - Co-founder and Executive of the Art Miles Mural Project, which has produced 1500 murals on canvas from over 100 countries, featuring many done by children. John McConnell, the Founder of Earth Day, is featured on one of the murals in Denver, CO.

l) Margaret Russell - weaver of wool from organically raised sheep. Based in a small coastal town in northeastern Massachusetts, Margaret Russell is a hand weaver with over 25 years of experience and a lifetime appreciation of this ancient art. She works with wool and hair fibers provided by sheep, Angora goats and alpacas, and uses organic cotton, hemp fiber, honey-colored wild Tussah silk, bamboo and other fibers in her hand-woven pieces. Her interest in supporting local farmers and environmental issues extends to preserving primitive, rare and threatened British breeds of sheep for the unique natural colors and textures of their wool.
2) Dr. Pete Myers (Dr. John Peterson Myers) - PhD Zoologist, and Senior Advisor to the United Nations Foundation. Co-author of "Our Stolen Future" with Dr. Theo Colburn and reporter Dianne Dumanoski. The 1996 book is a compelling assessment of the harmful effects of synthetic chemicals on human health and the environment. lt was written in understandable terms, reads like a “scientific detective story” and explains how endocrine disruption was discovered, how it works and the implications for our collective future. The wide dispersal of thousands of manmade chemicals now pervasive in all living things is disrupting endocrine systems and affecting the reproduction, development, and physiology of wildlife and humans. Dr. Myers is the former Director of the W. Alton Jones Foundation, a private foundation that supports efforts to protect the global environment and to prevent nuclear war.
3) Slater Jewell Kemker - thirteen year-old Slater Jewell Kemker is an activist filmmaker and youngest staff member of both the My Hero and Art Miles Mural Project. She advocates youth activism and “Creating Global Harmony Through Art” through her travels, interviews, and the promotion of environmental and global concern that leads to peace.
4) Alexandra and Philippe Cousteau - the Cousteaus founded the non-profit organization EarthEcho International in 2000 in honor of their father, Philippe Cousteau, Sr., famous son of the legendary explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau. Led by Philippe and Alexandra, the new generation of spokespeople for a sustainable 21st century social-environmental movement seek to raise public awareness. EarthEcho’s mission is to empower individuals to take action to sustain and enhance our water planet. Their mother, Jan Cousteau, will be present at the UN Peace Bell ringing ceremony on the Equinox, March 20, 2007.
5) Dr. David Adams - Dr. Adams is well known for his Global Movement for a Culture of Peace. Dr. Adams is an editor of the Youth for Culture of Peace Report, along with Josephina Lofgren (Sweden), on behalf of Fundación Cultura de Paz. Dr. Adams retired in 2001 from UNESCO, where he was the Director of the Unit for lntemational Year for the Culture of Peace (IYCP), proclaimed for the year 2000 by the UN Qeneral Assembly. During the IYCP, 75 million people were mobilized to sign the Manifesto 2000, promising to promote a culture of peace in their daily lives.

l) Dr. Roger Payne - Founder and President of Ocean Alliance, based in Lincoln, Massachusetts, this organization is dedicated to ocean conservation through research and public education. Dr. Payne was the first to record whale songs, in 1969, off Bermuda, with Captain Anthony Keasby. Dr. Payne directs a 32-year, on-going study of the biology of 1500 known Patagonian right whales, the world’s longest continuous study of a whale species based on known individuals. His current research documents the serious threat to ocean life from synthetic compounds known collectively as POPs (persistent organic pollutants) which include DDT, PCBs, dioxins, furans, etc., that are known as endocrine disrupting compounds, and the grave threat they pose to humans and other life forms, causing reproductive disorders, neural damage and compromised immune systems. His website is
2) MIZY Center, Seoul, Korea - The MIZY Center in Seoul, Korea, organized a city wide series of events that involved painting more than 4,000 pairs of environmentally themed "Art Miles Shoes of Hope" and the "Our Footprints, Our Future" theme, with students and citizens of all ages, including the involvement of celebrities and mentors with the objective of donating them to disarmed child soldiers and people in need in North Africa. They went the extra mile and had them delivered to the UNESCO National Commission in Uganda, which will distribute them.
3) Endangered Planet Foundation, Laguna Beach, CA - with the collaborative efforts for peace of Laguna Beach, an Earth Trustee City, and and its Mayor, the Endangered Planet has supported the precepts of the real "Earth Day" by involving and encouraging participation of citizens of all ages to support the Earth Society Foundation’s founding father, John McConnell and his wife Anna, through active projects, exhibitions and organizing a world class "Green Festival and Symposium,“ as well as establishing a foundation and future museum that will house and host tributes to the Earth Society Foundation. Together the Foundation and the City represent a "model" for other cities and environmental organizations to follow.
4) Atsuko Shiwaku - "A teacher of English and Champion of the Environment," Atsuko Shiwaku has been pursuing environmental education for many years with students in Japan, and creating awareness among citizens through interactive and online projects, inspiring "Intercultural Exchanges" between students from over 40 country partnerships. She was also responsible for facilitating the giant "Kids Guernica" from children of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
5) Piyachat Terrell - Ms. Terrell is an environmentalist who represents the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) as the White House Initiative Expert on Asian-Pacific issues, and who has gone "outside the box" to inspire, mentor and teach environmental activism in post "Hurricane Katrina" affected communities suffering from the impacts of toxic waste. She also has led an effort to develop a youth education program involving the impact and danger of mercury on a global level and will convene a conference on this subject in Thailand this spring.
6) Leslie Day - author, teacher and naturalist, Leslie Day developed the City Naturalists Summer Institute, which she taught for 5 years through The Central Park Conservancy. She is an Environmental Science teacher in New Jersey, and the author of “Field Guide to the Natural World of New York City." Leslie lives with her husband and son on a houseboat, and is a long-time resident of the floating community on the west side of Manhattan at 79th Street. She is the founder and president of the 79th Street Boat Basin Flora and Fauna Society, which educates the public about the plants and animals of the Hudson River and Riverside Park.
7) Living on Earth - Living on Earth (LOE) is a weekly, hour-long and award-winning environmental news program distributed by Public Radio International (PRI). It is hosted by Steve Curwood and features interviews and commentary on a broad range of ecological issues, exploring how humans interact with their landscape. The show airs on over 300 public radio stations nationwide and reaches 80% of the United States. It is produced and recorded in Somerville, Massachusetts. As an independent media program, Living on Earth relies entirely on contributions from listeners and institutions supporting public service, including PRI affiliates and PRI. In previous years, the program had been distributed by National Public Radio.
8) Roland Clement - scientist, author, and artist, Roland Clement studied wildlife management and forestry, led wildlife tours worldwide and was a member of the National Academy of Engineers committee on power plant siting. He was the Headquarters Biologist and Vice President of the National Audubon Society, based in New York City, and was First Chairman of the U.S. Section of the International Convention of Bird Protection. A leading figure for the environment, biodiversity and habitat protection, he argued the chemical pesticides issue nationwide. He is the author of three books on birds and became a watercolorist in retirement.

1) Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj (posthumous award) - an Iranian-bom American medical doctor, Dr. Batmanghelidj is internationally renowned for his work on promoting public awareness of the healing powers of water. In his last 20 years he appeared on television and lectured around the world, leaving an international community that has embraced the natural healing of the water cure. After treating thousands of` inmates in an Iranian prison, he did extensive work on the effects of chronic unintentional dehydration on the human body. After escaping Iran and coming to America, he published his findings on pain and water shortage effects on the human body, including many degenerative diseases including asthma, arthritis. hypertension, angina, adult-onset diabetes, lupus and multiple sclerosis. His message has been: "You are not sick, you are thirsty.” The website lists more information on the healing power of water and organic sea salt, something drug companies don’t want you to hear in their profit-driven culture.
2) Yachay Wasi - an Indigenous NGO, based in Peru and the U.S., in consultative status with UN ECOSOC, and associated with UN DPI and in operational relations with UNESCO. The name means “House of`Learning” in Quechua. Yachay Wasi launched a campaign to plant one million native trees in the circuit of Four Lakes at an alititude of 3,600 meters (11,800 feet) in the Peruvian Andes. The area is in the Provinces of Acomayo and Canas in the department of Cusco, Peru. The Million Native Trees Campaign is part of a sustainable development project in that area that started in August 2004 as a water and sanitation project aimed at educating indigenous communities residing near the lakes on how to preserve the environmental health and biodiversity of the area. Yachay Wasi is currently organizing and hosting a big regional conference in Peru and is very active in the UN indigeneous issues.
3) Pete Seeger - legendary folk musician, political activist, and advocate for the Hudson River, Pete Seeger is considered one of America’s national treasures. His tireless efforts regarding global concerns such as peace, the environment, population growth, and racial equality are well known. Perhaps no single person in the 20th century has done more to preserve, broadcast, and re-distribute folk music than Pete Seeger. There are possibly millions of children who first learned to sing and clap to his Folkways recordings, listening to his clear voice and chiming banjo and feeling his passion for authentic folk music. The launch of the sloop Clearwater in l969 brought great environmental awareness about the Hudson river. The vessel, with its floating classroom, laboratory, stage and speaker’s forum continues to bring children and adults onto the water and connect to Nature in a hands-on way. Many young people are inspired to continue their education in sciences and the environment and gain a deep respect for the natural world. Pete Seeger has received the nation’s highest artistic honors at the Kennedy Center and recently performed at the Inauguration of President Obama.
4) Josh Tickell - filmmaker, author, and authority of alternative fuels, Josh is the author of "From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank,” which focuses on the use of biodiesel. His second book examined the status quo of the oil industry, the automakers and the govemment, and offers an alternative energy roadmap to ween the U.S. off fossil f`uels. His new film "Fields of Fuel" won the Audience Award for the Best Documentary at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. This film is a personal journey of` enlightenment and activism that takes him from his boyhood in Australia to growing up in the oil-rich environment of Louisiana and international travels. “Fuel,” his documentary about all things associated with oil, worldwide car culture and the environmental effects these things engender, rouses audiences to action and to become part of the fuel revolution movement, including interest in algae as a biofuel. Josh founded the Biodiesel America Organization, which was selected by President Bill Clinton to be part of his Global Initiative on Climate Change.
5) Brooklyn Brewery - this locally based company is fond of windmills and is using its power as a corporate citizen to help reduce its carbon footprint. Since 2003 it has been using power generated by windmills and is the first commercial building in New York City to convert 100% of its electric load to wind. It is also the first brewery on the East Coast to convert to wind energy. According to Brewery President Steve Hindy: “At Brooklyn Brewery, we believe in corporate responsibility. We believe in being a good citizen in our community.” The windmills are in Madison County, in upstate New York, and are part of Community Energy, Inc., which delivers the electricity to the New York state electric grid.
6) Yukako Tarumi, Director, the Tarumi Violinists - the Tarumi Violinists are musical ambassadors of peace. They have performed for three UN Secretary-Generals, namely H.E. Ban Ki-moon, Kofi Annan, and Boutros Boutros-Ghali, and they received a UN medal from Boutros Boutros-Ghali on the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations. In addition, the Tarumi Violinists have performed for His Holiness, John Paul ll, U.S. President Bill Clinton at the White House, and Queen Sylvia of Sweden. The Tarumi Violinists are known for their humanitarian work in hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, and veteran rehabilitation centers.

EARTH DAY 2010 AWARDS PROGRAM – Saturday, March 20, 2010, UN Church Center, NYC
Welcoming Introduction by Kevin Sanders, reading the Earth Day 2010 Message from United Nations Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon:

"I am glad to send my greetings on the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. We have come a long way in the past four decades. Environmental awareness has grown in all regions and among all sectors of society, and a growing body of international and national law is dedicated to preserving our natural wealth. On the other hand, we must also concede that the global environment is increasingly in crisis. Targets agreed by governments to slow the decline in biological diversity have not been met, and climate change is a growing concern for all governments, as demonstrated by the unprecedented attendance of world leaders at the recent climate change conference negotiations in Copenhagen. The first Earth Day was observed on the March Equinox. This year, as we ring the Peace Bell to celebrate the coming of spring in the north and autumn in the south, let us call for a change in our own relationship with nature. Let us move from awareness to commitment and action. Let us protect and sustainably manage the precious natural heritage on which our sustainability development and future security will be built."

Featured Guest Speaker – Health and Nutritional expert and an early Earth Trustee recipient: Gary Null

Earth Trustee Awards for 2010:
1) Ode Magazine – based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, this magazine’s motto is “essential reading for the intelligent optimist”. Started over 15 years ago, Ode Magazine is filled with good news, positive solutions and thoughtful articles of people who are making a difference (a magazine for people, passion and possibilities) that is available in print as well as on-line at Issues range from fair trade, health, electric cars, new innovations, new housing solutions in partnership with the poor, solar breakthroughs, economic strategies, even the importance of laughing, and the recent issue on 25 intelligent optimists who are creating a better tomorrow today.
2) Reid Stowe, 1000 Days at Sea – (Mars Ocean Voyage) Explorer, sailor, artist, voyager, dreamer, sculptor, musician, boatbuilder and spiritualist, Reid Stowe is living his dream of spending over 1000 days at sea without touching land aboard his hand-built 70 foot schooner Anne. He is flying the Earth Flag, as a symbol of environmental awareness and shares our concerns for water and its life. “We are voyaging on this planet together and we must do our best to maintain…to live in harmony with ourselves and nature.” Most recently he has finished ‘drawing’ a 2,600 foot heart in the Atlantic Ocean, a waterborne creation symbolizing his love for the world and his inspiration of using love to adapt to living with the forces of the sea. He returns to NYC in mid-June of 2010.
3) Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg - PlaNYC – PlaNYC is a comprehensive sustainability plan for the future of New York City and Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s outline of his vision for the city over the next 25 years. The plan sets priorities for the refurbishment of city infrastructure and calls for a strategy to reduce the City’s carbon emissions by 30% below 2005 levels. The 3-part plan includes planting a million trees, creating greener buildings and providing green job training, focusing on issues of land, water, transportation, energy, air, climate change, and quality of life with an increasing population. The innovative plan is supported by a coalition of civic, business, environmental, labor, community and public health organizations (the Campaign for New York’s Future).

* * * *

Guest Speaker - Andres Gomez, from the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). A post-doctorate fellow at the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation of Natural History, speaking on 2010 UN International Year of Biodiversity.
Guest Speaker – Rick Ulfik is Founder and Board Chair of We, The World ( and is introducing a new major global campaign and catalyst for new activism that will facilitate unprecedented cooperation between change agents, from individuals to global movements. The WE Campaign ( promotes the shift in consciousness from “I” to “WE” while carrying out a comprehensive ongoing Global Awareness and Action Campaign.

Hon. Frank Bainimarama, Prime Minister of the Republic of Fiji & President of the 23rd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP23) (2017 United Nations Climate Change Conference).
"'Last year, Fiji took the Presidency and from this Presidency the Talanoa Dialogue was created. This dialogue stands for a process that is very common in the whole Pacific area, about finding common ground rather than opposition. This makes it easier to build mutual trust.' German Chancellor Angela Merkel said" (