MARCH 20, 2013.

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Video of the Ceremony -- 58 minutes

The moment of equinox in New York City was 7:02 am EDT; the ceremony began some minutes before that early hour. At the moment of the March equinox, spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere and fall begins in the Southern Hemisphere. At that precise moment, night and day are equal all over the world.

The ceremony began outside with the ringing of the Peace Bell by Dr. Nikhil Seth, Director of the Division for Sustainable Development, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA). Participants gathered around the UN Peace Bell for ringing of the Peace Bell. The Bell was rung three times, followed by a Minute for Peace. This was a time for silent prayer, meditation, or reflection, aiming at “peace, justice and the care of Earth,” as advanced by the Earth Day Founder, John McConnell.

Because of the cold temperature, the ceremony was then moved inside the UN building.

A welcome and introduction was then provided indoors by Kevin Sanders, Master of Ceremonies. Dr. Seth, who had rung the Peace Bell, brought greetings from the UN. Dr. John Munday, editor of John McConnell's autobiography, presented a brief review of John McConnell's role in founding Earth Day and winning global endorsement of Earth care in pursuit of peace and justice worldwide. Helen Garland, Chairperson, ESF, reviewed the historical context of Earth Day celebrations. Ann Charles listed various activities being held around the world to celebrate Earth Day on the Equinox, and displayed pieces of art depicting Earth Day and Earth care. Thomas Dowd, President of the Earth Society Foundation, explained the progress in Earth care brought about through advances in technology and increasing efforts of governments and private organizations. Other speakers and musicians followed, including Robert Weir, author of a biography of John McConnell.

Music was performed several times, during the indoor celebration, by the young Tarumi Violinists under the direction of Yukako Tarumi, accompanied by Guillermo Vaisman on accordion.

Closing remarks.

Concluding musical performance by Tarumi Violinists.

The video was supplied by Joe Friendly.

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